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Our Mission

Seeds of Hope Africa is as much about building awareness as it is about building funds for community based sustainable work.  We are focused on working with local village leaders, women and men, to not only determine need, but the desired results and the appropriate course of action to get there.  This collaboration is the foundation for our sustainable, holistic development work.

We rely on donations to be able to continue the work we do.  40USD can buy a goat.  Each woman participating in SoHA receives a goat as a loan which she pays back by giving the first offspring to another participant and this cycle continues.  Just one goat is all it takes to begin this cycle and to allow a woman to participate in the micro finance program.

Our mission is to create sustainable opportunities in Niger through collaborative, holistic development work.

Seeds of Hope Africa currently provides goat loans to women in rural Niger.  These goat loans are coupled with a community based savings and loans initiative.