Seeds of Hope Africa

Our founder

  1. 1996 - Angela Kieffer becomes a Peace Corps Volunteer in a small bush village in Niger, West Africa.
  2. 2001 - After working and traveling abroad, Angela returns to visit Niger and truly understands that this will always be a second home.  With this understanding comes the commitment to creating sustainable opportunities.
  3. 2005 -After much collaboration, Seeds of Hope Africa is born as a charitable organization committed to sustainable development with a focus on women.  Initial groups of women begin with SoHA engaging in goat loans and micro finance work, in Hausa, "Mata Masu Dubara".
  4. 2014 -To date, we are working with 500 women in 15 villages in Niger.  We have had a high success rate and are working on methods to more efficiently streamline and duplicate our process.

Foundation History

The opportunity to create and work hand in hand with the women of Niger has been amazing.  This journey, beginning in 1996 as a Peace Corps Volunteer in a bush village, continues as a life long passion for sustainable, holistic development.

Angela Kieffer 

our Niger team

UpComing programs

Our participants have expressed great interest in creating a program to protect and enhance the education of girls.  

Soba Fodi
Our Chief Trainer collaborates with our team to ensure a successful foundation for each new group.  Soba has been trained by multiple International NGOs and brings a multitude of knowledge to SoHA.

Muntari Inussa
Our Operations Team makes sure that groups are on track with regular site visits.

Ibrihim Maiga 
Our Operations Team Lead.  Since our inception, Ibrihim has been there to have a hand in making it all happen.